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Meet John

After his military service in the US Air Force, John spent his career in the technology field, working for a number of mid-sized companies in a variety of roles. After having gone through several corporate restructurings, John finally decided that it was time to control his own destiny.

Meet Dave and Donna

David and Donna are located on the north side of Baltimore. David’s career has spanned the insurance industry, education, and real estate. Donna also started in the insurance field and now works “part time” for their local church. David and Donna are very excited to be working side by side.

Meet Becky

Becky has spent her professional career in the veterinary field, originally as a Vet Tech, and more recently as an instructor. With no room for career advancement, and with two young daughters at home, Becky is building a great business while being able to enjoy the flexibility of our system.

Meet Carrie

Carrie has been primarily raising her children over the last 20 years. In addition to some part time work as an educational assistant, she had previously owned and operated her own business. Carrie ultimately decided  Gotcha Covered checked all of the boxes and was the right opportunity for her.

Meet Svet and Larry

Svet and Larry joined Gotcha Covered in early 2018 in Winter Park , FL and immediately hit the ground running. This amazing husband-wife team achieved an all-time revenue record within their first year of business!

Meet Rachel

The term ‘Gotcha Covered family’ has a different meaning for our newest franchise owners, Rachel and Matt Leuck. Rachel is the sister of one of our very newest owners, Nathan Eldridge. Rachel’s background includes a long stint as a business owner in wedding design/event planning and several years as a small business consultant. Matt is a mechanical engineer who will keep his job and provide moral support for Rachel as she works their Gotcha Covered business full time.

Meet Eric & Nick

Eric and his partner, Nick Martoni, join Gotcha Covered as new residents of St. Pete. Eric spent the early part of his career in broadcast journalism, PR Management, and marketing/financial services before ultimately being laid off and searching for his own business. Eric plans to run Gotcha Covered full-time, while Nick will work behind the scenes leveraging his connections within the community.

Jon Schloesser

Meet Jon, a veteran owner of Gotcha Covered in the Appleton, Wisconsin area. Jon recently opened his brand new showroom earlier this year and is excited to give us a virtual tour!

Cliff Oberg

Cliff Oberg is a military veteran who joined Gotcha Covered in 2014 in the Apollo Beach area of Florida. He had just ended his military contract and was looking for a business opportunity where he could work for himself. Cliff quickly became one of our top performing franchise owners. In 2020, Cliff sold his territory in Florida and immediately bought a new territory in Bigfork, Montana. He has been building his new Gotcha Covered business and is already seeing amazing success!

Meet Dan Grossman

Meet Dan Grossman – an owner in Nashville, TN that is just ending his 1st year and already hitting his 3rd year projections!

Meet Gabe and Ebony Willis

Gabe and Ebony Willis have been with Gotcha Covered since June of 2021. Gabe and Ebony are driven by a desire to build a successful business and livelihood, and will both work the business full-time.

Meet Gabe and Ebony Willis

We met with Gressa Shroader, an owner in the twin cities since 2015. She had a graphic design business prior to joining Gotcha Covered and has increased her sales every single year.

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