Business Intelligence Through Gotcha Linked!

Gotcha Linked is the name of our complete business solutions platform that has been developed specifically for our franchise base.

At its core, Gotcha Linked is a program for managing and maintaining relationships with partners, potential clients, and current customers.

Throughout this past year, we have continued to roll out the various phases of development creating the most robust and technologically advanced customer relationship management tool available.

This past week, we were proud to announce the launching of Phase 4 of Gotcha Linked – Business Intelligence!

Business Intelligence, or BI for short, is the piece that brings together a robust set of reports, data, and information that provides visibility into business performance.

With BI, historical information is recorded about lead sources, vendors, products, installation, shipping, and associated ROI, revenue, profitability and more.

We are thrilled to be adding this fourth and final major module to Gotcha Linked and making these amazing tools available across our franchise base.

For more information about becoming a part of the Gotcha Covered family, call us at 1-800-200-0835 (ext. 305) or email us at

A Message From The President

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Paul Linenberg