Meet Our Corporate Team

At Gotcha Covered, we pride ourselves on having a corporate team that is there to support our franchisees in all areas of business ownership.

Here is a little bit more about our Corporate Team and what they provide to our franchise base.

Meet our VP of Franchise Relations, Lori Tobia!Franchise Relations

Our Franchise Relations team is headed by our VP, Lori Tobia. Lori has over 20 years of experience in the window treatment industry. She began as a franchise owner herself, with her own successful business that she owned and operated for over 10 years. Lori’s team consists of a Vendor Partner Relations Manager, a Product Support Specialist, and a Franchise Support Specialist. This team oversees the initial training and start up process for every Gotcha Covered franchisee. Once the franchise is launched, they continue to have regular follow-up meetings and additional training seminars as needed. Lori and her team also work hand in hand with the franchisees to inform them of any product or vendor updates, troubleshooting particularly challenging window treatment solutions, and as an additional resource for any other questions or concerns that may arise.

Meet our VP of Marketing, Shane Aidala!Marketing

Our Marketing Team is led by the VP of Marketing, Shane Aidala. Shane has over 10 years of direct and indirect marketing experience. His team includes a Marketing Manager and a Social Media Coordinator. Shane works directly with the franchisees during the initial training period to find just the right marketing mix for each owner and their territory. Shane’s team also works to get every franchise set up with the right combination of social media channels and provides a free social media content program and email marketing program for the entire franchise base.

Meet our Chief Technology Officer, Blaine Bush!IT Support

Our IT Support team is led by our CTO, Blaine Bush. Blaine has a unique combination of technical development and window treatment operational experience. Blaine’s team consists of his IT Director and a skilled group of developers and contractors. His IT Director works hand-in-hand with each and every owner to provide technical support across the franchise base. This allows Blaine to focus more of his attention to the continued development of our complete business solutions platform, Gotcha Linked.

We are extremely proud of our Corporate Team in their experience and expert guidance. They are not just a valuable resource to our franchise base, but also like family. To see our Corporate Team and learn a little bit more about them, visit the Our Team page on our website!

For more information about becoming a part of the Gotcha Covered family, call us at 1-800-200-0835 (ext. 305) or email us at

A Message From The President

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